Episode 056: Nintendo Switch First Impressions: “It’s So Covfefe!!”


Here's a shocker for you all, the boys are back behind the mics again, and lo and behold, Teh Ben is hungover AF. We talk a little about current events like "covfefe" and Tiger Woods' incredibly sexualized mug shot. 

But, Nate has a surprise up his sleeve! He brings his new Nintendo Switch into the studio to try and sell the new hardware to a hardcore "old school consoles only" guy. They play some rounds of Mario Kart 8 and he shows Teh Ben how many ways the Switch controllers can be reconfigured like a Transformer's penis. It was pretty amazing.

Sorry my speech was so slurred/painful in this episode, guys. It's the aftermath of recording a very intoxicated 055.

This episode features Nate Dog and Teh Ben

The featured commercial is from DixPix 2