Mar 30, 2017

Episode 053: The Pants Party at BEASTIVAL 5! (Pt.2)

The saga continues with MORE amazing interviews, and we try to narrow down the suspects to figure out who took a dump in the Playstation! More fun and adventure awaits you in the land of Middle Age Middle School!

Thanks for all the love, you guys!

Taped LIVE at Vision Comics and Oddities on 03-25-2017, Part 2 of two.

This episode features Nate Dog and Teh Ben

The featured commercial is from THE THING!

Featuring the endlessly talented likes of:

Jhonette Pardue:

Daniel Crosier:

Gareth K.





Mar 30, 2017

Episode 052: The Pants Party at BEASTIVAL 5!! (pt.1)

What happens when you finally decide to spend a few hard earned dollars on some new equipment and a fresh setup? Better environments for EVEN BETTER interviews! 

Everyone we talked to was on point, and extremely entertaining! Tons of hugs and keeeses to everyone who sat down in the hot seat and made us laugh! 

Be sure to continue the adventure with Episode 053, which is the second half of our grand tour!

This episode features Nate Dog and Teh Ben and AMAZING GUESTS! 

The featured commercial is from the Denver Innocence Project (It's an actual commercial, you guys)

FEATURED ARTISTS: (in chronological order):

Joseph Acosta of Taking Alpha (Badaass Intro music):

The Denver Innocence Project:

Caustic Scifidelic and Christopher Malone of Scifidelic:

Anthony Burke of Murdershow Independant:




Mar 27, 2017

Episode 051: Lost Puppies/Weird Craigslist Ads

In the spirit of true rebel radio, the boys throw a bag of candy into the living room and then proceed to lock themelves in the studio as the children recreate The Lord of the Flies.

In this ill-prepared episode, the boys discuss microwave tampering and White House buggery. After wandering aimlessly for a while, they then decide to pull up some real ads from Craigslist Denver and proceed to make fun of people just trying to get five bucks for their gently used toaster.

Stay tuned! The next episode will be LIVE! From the BEASTIVAL 5 (It's really good stuff)!!

This episode features Nate Dog and Teh Ben

The featured commercial is from I HEART DUBSTEP

(be sure to check out "Ben Fixes Everything" on YouTube, the commercial has a video equivalent!!!)


Mar 14, 2017

Episode 050: Twenty-Four EVEN WORSE Ideas In Marketing!

Season Two is officially in the rearview mirror! As we pull away from the last 24 episodes, we take a last look back at all of the commercials that we have produced for the show. We are truly blessed for the amazing sponsors that made Middle Age Middle School possible!

Be sure to support these great companies and great products! If you are going to Shakey J's place later, make sure that your immunizations are current and complete!


This Episode features Mizz Dani and Teh Ben, with commercial voice acting by Nate Dog, Pat Daddy, Brandy, and all the unlucky children I put in front of a microphone with a barely legible script! 

The featured commercial is: ALL OF THEM! (With a special thank you to Mr. A. Schwartzenegger).

BEASTIVAL 5 is on 3/25/17! The theme is "Ugly Jamiroquai Hats"


Mar 11, 2017

Episode 049: Our Columbia House Cassette Club Mix Tape To You

It's time to dust off those cassette singles and those terribly expensive bootleg Columbia House tapes and pick the best of the best in this TOP 12 list!

We start the episode by determining if Rolling Stones' Ten Worst 80's songs is legit, and then we start our own list of the greatest songs recorded during the Decade Of Cocaine. Come for the bad jokes, and stay for the nostalgia!

We always hang in a buffalo stance, something something gigolo perms, sucka!

This episode features Nate Dog and Teh Ben

The featured commercial is from Shakey J's Discount Vasectomy Clinic.



Mar 4, 2017

Episode 048: B*tches Get Switches - A Nintendo Story

There's absolutely no recapping of ANYTHING in this episode! Why? Because we take our show on the road and record our quest to try to get our greasy hands on a Nintendo Switch on release day. Listen to our laments as we get shot down, store after store! During the drive, we also cover lots of fun topics, such as Chick-Fil-A's homophobia, Pewdiepie being a confirmed Nazi and an almost incoherant tirade about where is the best place to shoot up outside a Wal-Mart.

Nate drove this time, and he did not tell me that the turn signal switch in his car is louder than a 747 at takeoff. Sorry aboot that.

This episode features Nate Dog, Caleb, and Teh Ben

There is no featured commercial, this episode is short and sweet, so I'm copping out the same way I did on the "Gamblin' Trip" episode. Sorry aboot that.