Jan 8, 2017

Episode 046: Elmo Was Aboard the Challenger and 2016 Sucked

Welcome to the future in 2017! 

It's our first episode in 2017, and we start off the year with an in-depth discussion about the Mandela Effect. It's pretty crazy that large groups of people collectively have incorrect memories, but we pull a few of these examples apart and argue a bunch. The most divisive part of our argument involves describing Luke Skywalker looking like a pocket dog.

We survived yet another year, but there were a large amount of celebrities that didn't. We spend some time talking about them, and other crappy parts of 2016.  

Here's to another year ahead of Middle Age Middle School!

This episode features Nate Dog and Teh Ben

The featured commercial is for : Shazzam! The Reissue