Mar 20, 2016

Episode 033: Carrot Top Sucks and Other Fun Facts About St. Patrick’s Day!

We have come forth, finally, in glorious HD audio. No longer will you be subjected to any obnoxious hissing noise from electrical resistance from inside a junky interface made by a well-hated audio product manufacturer, but you will be surrounded by blissful SILENCE!

We finally cut the crap, pull the professionalism up a notch and get the non-working cogs in the machine completely out of the picture so we could have a crystal clear dialogue about:
Pukin' Punkin' Upchuckin'
The arrival of Dr. Butt Fumble himself in the Mile High City
Trolling video game stores (NOT WITH BATTLETOADS)
And many other random subjects, brought together with the magic green glue (possibly leprechaun snot) of St. Patrick's Day!
We published a holiday episode only FOUR DAYS AFTER THE HOLIDAY! A new record!
This episode features Nate Dog and Teh Ben
The featured commercial is from Shaggy and Shaggy's Groovy Bombastic Dispensary.

Mar 17, 2016

Episode 032: An 80’s Upbringing Versus Millennial Neckbearding (Pt. 2)

It's the second dusty LP record to the double amazing Episode 031! 

We continue to berate millennials, continue our undying support for Emperor Trump, and continue going off the rails worse than the Amtrack on a good day.
Come for the four minutes dedicated to the topic, stick around to enjoy the train wreck!
Bonus! This episode features a (really) lo-fidelity cut from The B.J. Bros' "We Called You, Too Bad" album!
This episode features Pat Daddy and Teh Ben
The Featured commercial is a LIVE traffic update for KFUX Radio. 

Mar 8, 2016

Episode 031: An 80’s Upbringing Versus Millennial Neckbearding (Pt. 1)

You kids these days, with your Lady GaaaGaaa and your dubstep that sounds like a tape deck being shredded by a garbage disposal... in my day, we didn't have it that easy. We wore Hypercolor shirts and had to mow lawns all summer in hope to one day own a Shipwreck action figure (with kung-fu grip)...

In this episode, we start to analyze why the next generation has it so easy this time around, even though they are missing out on some great stuff like free concussions and fresh mountain air.
Other topics include: Why Donald Trump hates brown M&M's, Hitler's misshapen manhood, and ROBOGRANNY5000.
This episode features Pat Daddy and Teh Ben
The featured commercial is from Dagobah Dating  

Mar 3, 2016

Episode 030: The Customer Is Always Right, Unless He’s Got Dysentary

We are ridin' dirty with the Sons Of Urethra (our motorcycle gang) this week!

Actually, we have the most fun with a Behringer interface in the history of mankind, but don't let our technical (non) prowess dissuade you from listening to our TALES OF RETAIL CUSTOMER SERVICE! 
There's muggings, Sandwich Artistry, and teenagers with explosive bowels! 
This episode features Pat Daddy and Teh Ben
The featured commercial is from SPOILERS DOT COM