Feb 27, 2016

Episode 029: Deez Nutz Will Never Be President!

We have sat down and done all kinds of Venn Diagrams and other scientific-style graphs, and have proven once and for all that Peyton Manning is definitively part of the Illuminati. All the evidence is iron-clad proof, and he is using mind control through Papa John's pizza and Budweiser.

Okay, well maybe that's a stretch, but we go over the final football analysis of the season, the final stand of the branch Dildonians, talk a little politics trash and then delve into the brand new local arcade that opened up in L-Town. 
So much fun, and so many booty traps are to be sprung!
This episode features Nate Dog and Teh Ben
The featured commercial is from Buttafuoco 2016

Feb 22, 2016

Episode 028: In the Bone Zone at the Beastival 3!

Love is in the air in this episode, as we recorded it on Valentine's Eve!

Well, not really. We tried really hard to line up interviews to conduct with local Denver artists, but we failed miserably at recruiting victims. So we took several takes of fun conversations that were attempted over the blaring noise of some local bands in the hollow cathedral that is the Mile High Comics Superstore.
Patience, is definitely a virtue in this one, superfans! Stick some meat down your pants!
This episode features: Nate Dog, Dickie D. and Teh Ben
The featured commercial is from Super Frosted Honey Badgers