Nov 29, 2015

Episode 023: I Got A Black Eye And My Juicer Stolen On Black Friday

The boys follow up the Middle Age Middle School (non-denominational) Thanksgiving Special with the Middle Age Middle School Black Friday Special! One of them went out to fight against the violent hordes to save three dollars on a one-of-a-kind vegetable steamer, and one of them chose to sit around drinking until blackout on Black Friday.

We also talk a little about football and then have fun reading disaster-filled tweets sent out by corporation puppets that captivated and angered the denizens of the internet for 7 to 8 hours. Strokemon!
(Note: Episode published before outcome of Sunday Night Freezeball game)
This episode features Nate Dog and Teh Ben
The featured commercial is from The Retirement Home For Russian Videogames

Nov 24, 2015

Episode 022: Let Your Dog Cook Dinner, Charlie Brown!

The boys return from an away game just in time to squeak out a new episode before everyone's favorite (drinking) holiday! This episode takes cues from the SadCast format and all topics move lightning quick, but tune in for football predictions, a review of Atom The Amazing Zombie Killer, current trending events and the most plausible explanation as to how all the adults in the Charlie Brown universe disappear before Thanksgiving.

We also gloss nostalgic on Thanksgivings from days past and make fun of Green Day's video making skills. Enjoy listening to our rants as you slowly drift away in a turkey juice induced coma....
This episode features Nate Dog and Teh Ben
The featured commercial is The McRainforest

Nov 17, 2015

Episode 021: The Star War Began At The Beastival!

Sometimes you've just gotta take the show on the road! 

Middle Age Middle School comes to you this week from the Beastival 2 at the Mile High Comics MEGASTORE! Originally I intended to just record me and Rich screwing around and causing trouble, but the artist community that was involved in this event was just too awesome to not pass up an opportunity to interview these extremely talented people. I never have conducted an interview with anybody before (and it shows) but these turned out really good. 
I eventually was able to dial in the levels better, so as the show progresses, the sound quality improves, so just hang in there! I have made a note on my board to never bring condenser microphones to a convention ever again.
Web sites for interviewed artists:
Stan Yan:
Peter J
David Boop:
This episode features: Dickie-D, Teh Ben, and actual talented people
The featured commercial is from Spurmin's Hymenway

Nov 13, 2015

Episode 020: SADCAST 3: Jesus Loves You, But He Loves Double Bass More

Everybody is still either out of town or in Anaheim molesting one of the seven dwarfs, so I had to go into my (mostly) renovated studio to record all by my lonesome. 

In this SadCast, I tried to bounce around on topics a little more than usual to keep everything like the Love Boat, exciting and new. This made it turn into more of an A.D.D.Cast, but sit back and feast your ears on all sorts of crazy topics; ranging from Santa's holodeck, 5 crappy animals at work, football news and even though it's four days late, the RED STARBUCKS CUP FIASCO. Just try to pretend that it's Tuesday and that I'm cutting-edge in the editing department. 
This episode features: Teh Ben and Zuul, the gatekeeper of Gozer
The featured commercial is from: The Mid-Life Crisis Loan Company

Sidenote: Be sure to come hang out with Middle Age Middle School at the Beastival on Nov. 14th!