Episode 021: The Star War Began At The Beastival!


Sometimes you've just gotta take the show on the road! 

Middle Age Middle School comes to you this week from the Beastival 2 at the Mile High Comics MEGASTORE! Originally I intended to just record me and Rich screwing around and causing trouble, but the artist community that was involved in this event was just too awesome to not pass up an opportunity to interview these extremely talented people. I never have conducted an interview with anybody before (and it shows) but these turned out really good. 
I eventually was able to dial in the levels better, so as the show progresses, the sound quality improves, so just hang in there! I have made a note on my board to never bring condenser microphones to a convention ever again.
Web sites for interviewed artists:
Stan Yan: stanyan.me
Peter J Wacks:facebook.com/PJWacks
David Boop: davidboop.com
This episode features: Dickie-D, Teh Ben, and actual talented people
The featured commercial is from Spurmin's Hymenway