Dec 8, 2016

Episode 045: Hottest Christmas Toys ‘83-’99- From Cabbage Patch Kids to Nickelback

Happy Frozen Holidays from all of us at Middle Age Middle School!

We regret that we did not put out a Thanksgiving special this year, but you can only talk about Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving for so many hours. So instead, we've poured ourselves (a few stiff drinks) into the Christmas Holiday! More specifically, we talk about the hottest riot-inducing toys from the past and compare them to this year's offerings.

We also concede the election and pledge allegiance to President Sentient Cheeto Tiny Hands. Other topics include highlights from all the stupid stuff that's been going on in our lives, a little footall talk, and Look At This Graph.

Anybody actually seen a TalkBoy in the wild? We had no idea this stupid toy was even a thing. See you guys soon!

This episode features Nate Dog and Teh Ben

The featured commercial is from Dollar Tree Butcher Shop