Nov 5, 2016

Episode 044: Beastival 4: Trumpin’ Loud N’ Hard With the Undead

Thanks to your patience, the Beastival 4 episode is finally up! We had a great time hanging out with local talent and then coercing them into interviews (with promises of free beer)! Be sure to support local talent, it's the lifeblood of your community. 

We also made exactly 387 Trump jokes over the course this episode. See if you can find them all. Grand prize winners get a 5% OFF coupon for Denny's Restaurants. 
Again, mad thanks to everyone involved. If I need to make any changes to the description data, be sure to let me know. Please also share this episode so that everyone involved in this can find it and enjoy getting a headache listening to their interview time with us.
This episode features Nate Dog, Dickie D, and Teh Ben
The featured commercial is THE TRUMP MEGA MIX: "Kristi's Story (Original Version)", "Grope-On" By Trump Inc, and Trump Tax Relief (For Trump).