May 7, 2016

Episode 034: Seven Minutes in Heaven with Megaman!

Spending one month away from a mixing board has managed to coat all of us in a thick blanket of rust, but we are back in action like a sentient Volkswagen Type-1. Sorry for the delays, Superfans, we are still trying to remember how to soundboard.

In this episode, we catch you all back up with Mile High news and all sorts of personal secrets. Then we delve into the joys of finally picking a current generation console and reveling in all of the great new game titles. We also talk about quitting Facebook cold turkey, and get sad talking about the passing of Prince and how everyone is using his name hashtag to sell everything from cars to feminine hygiene products. We also poke fun at Tay the overly racist A.I. and go off the rails on the greatest boat name ever created. 
Once we finally get back to the present, we spend seven minutes discussing the podcast topic, "What Is The Best Megaman Game?", and it ends up being the most efficient debate you've ever heard. Rockman!
This episode features Nate Dog and Teh Ben
The Featured Commercial is from KNIGHT RIDER 2K16 
This episode is sponsored by the Fred Durst Society Of The Humanities And Arts