Jan 27, 2016

Episode 027: Bacteria Can’t Build Satellites!

The boys are back with a sub-standard recording setup to mourn the impacting loss of David Bowie. After they belt out a few bars of his top hits, the mood improves and the boys pick right back up and continue saying idiotic things. Middle Age Middle School critiques a touring Michael Jackson cover band (Who's Bad?), tell stories about having problems with media in the PAL format in North America. 

They also cheer on the favorites, the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers (Winning!!) and then sit down to cherry pick the best possible groups of musicians to create the most awesome Frankenband the world has ever conceived. 
This episode features Nate Dog and Teh Ben 
The featured commercial is from Time Life Music: The Wesley Willis Collection.

Jan 12, 2016

Episode 026: Kitt Fister and Connie Lingus Sign Up To Fight In The Star War!

And now the holidays have finally passed us by, but not without a few casualties. Teh Ben ended up being violently ill for the better part of a week because some filthy jagoff in the theater was unable to wash his hands after taking a crap. 

So, we are back with a new season, but are we better? 
Hell no! Same routine as always with a quick recap of our last few weeks, laughing about the time Teh Ben sent a Pepperidge Farm gift basket to Rise Against, lots of fun going over the hottest internet stories and we close with a semi-competent topic.
THE FORCE AWAKENS! We came, we saw, we got norovirus from it all.
This episode features Nate Dog and Teh Ben
The featured commercial is from Forrest Gump 2