Dec 24, 2015

Episode 025: 24 Bad Ideas In Marketing

Happy Christmas Eve to all of our SUPERFANS!

Santa was up on the rooftop of the house installing a HD video camera pointed at that one neighbor's bedroom window recording reasons. While he was fumbling with the wiring, he scraped some reindeer dookie off the bottom of his boots and dropped that down the chimney. After we discovered this gift, we held it aloft in it's glory and we realized it was a flash drive containing all of the Middle Age Middle School Commercials! 
So we decided to leave this collection under your tree. And if you were wondering what that horrible smell was, now you know.
This episode features Caitlyn and Teh Ben
The featured commercial is ALL OF THEM

Dec 20, 2015

Episode 024: Sixty Dollar Santa ! (No Lapdance Included)

In the first installment of the Middle Age Middle School Halloween Christmas Special, the boys go through the normal paces of discussing the current week (well, what was current last week) in the NFL and not-so-current events. After both of them chose to visit the Shrek themed Santa display at the local mall separately, they give a review of the overall orange sponsored experience. Lastly, they read their Christmas lists to Santa in hopes that by a miracle, they might receive a few last minute gifts that they could actually use.

This episode features Nate Dog and Teh Ben
The featured commercial is from STOP OBAMA NOW!! Llc.