Sep 25, 2015

Episode 016: Worst Movies With The Sexiest Pink Wigs

In this episode, we have a conversation with a professional game streamer and longtime friend (Dickie-D), discussing our most favorite worst films. Of course we also touch base with the shared past of playing music together and collectively dodging shots from JR's fertile baby bazooka.

We talk about the films Riki-Oh, Turbo Kid, Birdman and Ghost Shark. Those movies are pretty awful, but our dissection of each one leads us closer and closer to our desire to get drunk.
This episode features: Dickie-D, Teh Ben
The featured commercial is from: The Kentucky County Clerk Super Fun Playset  

Sep 13, 2015

Episode 015: 2 SadCast, 2 Furious

Oh, solo mio!

Once again, I have failed to entice my co-hosts into coming over for a bit to record some audio in my sweet nursery/studio, so I had to go it alone again. I promise that I don't sing in this one, but I play some of the worst music ever recorded and pressed onto CD format.
My main talking points:
1) An detailed breakdown of the whole Facebook advertising debacle mess from a couple weeks ago. (My bad!)
2) An evening of Vogon Poetry Volume Two.
3) An audiobook recording of "I Like Treasures as Much as I Love Turtles" article, wherein I make it pretty obvious I'm not very good at either reading or speaking.
This episode features: Teh Ben and Nude Imaginary Friend
The featured commercial is from: A Chicken Farm