Aug 18, 2015

Episode 014: Super Bowl Predictions and Cover Song Countdown!

The season is changing, The temperatures are slowly dropping. The smell of sweaty dudes in spandex crashing into each other at full speed wafts gently in the air. The best sporting season is once again upon us, and in celebration, we chose the victor of this coming years' Superbowl like true experts.

Do we crunch statistics and numbers? 
Do we go into great detail over the current strengths of each team?
Do we get blindfolded and throw darts at Post-It Notes with team names on them?
Pretty much. We boot up a Super Nintendo in the studio, put in Tecmo Super Bowl III Champion Edition and have the computer run a season simulation for the year "19XX", thus crowning a predicted winner.
After we talk about that, we discuss what we believe to be the best 10 cover songs of all time; your mileage may vary. 
This Episode Features: Nate Dog and Teh Ben
The Featured Commercial is from (and guest-stars): Mike P.'s new album "Songs In The Key Of ?"

Aug 5, 2015

Episode 013: Po-Po-POTpurri and Potent Potables

The boys from the 'school get booted from the normal studio and are forced to record upstairs in a cavernous dining room, next to the World's Loudest Refrigerator. 

In this extremely drunken episode, they hit on all sorts of strange current topics, which are rendered completely irrelevant when published two weeks late (sorry, superfans!)
And the categories are:
Fire In Las Vegas
Weed Legislation
Motorcycle Etiquette
Pluto News
Hulk Hogan Sex Tape, and
This episode features Teh Ben and Nate Dog
The featured commercial is from Craigslist+