Jul 22, 2015

Episode 012: Part DEUX of Least-Worst Gigs

Oui, Oui! 

The boys delve deeply back into fond memories from touring and gigging around town the last two decades, using samples from a stack of terrible live recordings to put you there with them. Back in the 2000's, we were well known as a band that would get annihilated onstage, start playing some Popeye music and just start beating up fans. Sometimes, we'd even attack each other. Oui! the stupidity of youth!
This episode features Pat W and Teh Ben
The Featured Commercial is from Eat.Poop.Love 

Jul 14, 2015

Episode 011: The Origin Of The Troll

In this gripping episode, the boys recant the early days of trolling. From being banned from BBS boards, Prodigy, Sierra Online and AOL, these guys go out of their way to annoy everyone and anyone. In between these misty memoirs, they also give a genuine apology to the Behringer company, fudge the details of MS-DOS commands and we learn that Teh Ben also has a disturbingly sick time travel fetish.

...Teh Ben also gives an explanation for how he came to be known as "TEH BEN". It's a wild ride, indeed!
This episode features Nate Dog and Teh Ben
The featured commercial is from Faith's Boarding House For Carrots And Motor Oil

Jul 9, 2015

Episode 010: No Time For Love, Dr. Jones!

It's certainly nice to get another living, breathing human being in the studio again! In this riveting episode of Middle Age Middle School, the boys re-create the pottery scene from Ghost.

Just kidding! That would be gross! Instead, they play some creepy clown music, do some dream interpretation and then go into details about problems and/or questions that arise from the best movie series that has ever been pressed to celluloid (No, it's not Twilight).
There is no history.
There is no religion.
There are no artifacts.
Only aliens exist.
This episode features: Nate Dog and Teh Ben
The featured commercial is from: Will N. Dowd's Used SUV's

Jul 1, 2015

Episode 009: Podcast Blues/Analog Boy in a Digital World

Just like in the past, Teh Ben finds himself to be the overweight and unpopular kid that nobody asks to go with to the dance. So instead, he just goes home, saddened by getting shot down, and chooses to take out his frustrations on the sleeve of his favorite jacket.

Even with the promise of free liquor and a stack of 90's era Penthouses, Teh Ben could not lure either of his co-hosts to Skylab this week, so in a jacket-humping act of desperation decided to record an episode all by himself. He first discusses podcasting problems, reads funny stuff from Twitter and then finishes off by hooking up his Radio Shack Cassette Deck into the board so he can taunt his past self. 
This Episode Features Teh Ben
The Featured Commercial is from Dr. Brown's Amazing 8-Hour Laxative