Jun 23, 2015

Episode 008: Ancient Gaming - We’re Our Own Grandpas

The boys step drunkenly into the wayback machine to go into the distant past and talk about the Atari 2600 and Intellivision in their glory days. They talk about favorite titles from each system and recant their fathers' achievements, ranking in Pitfall Harry's Adventure Club or just writing Acclaim angry letters. They also take time to berate millenials, Canadians and illustrate how Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure Of Tarmin could lead to joining a Satanic cult. 

Sure, the ancient games sucked and the endings were either a repeating loop or they just froze in place, but these resolutions were better than the ending we got in Mass Effect 3.    
This Episode Features Teh Ben and Nate Dog
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Jun 16, 2015

Episode 007: This Voltron Smells a LOT Like a Flea Circus!

In this incredible episode, our heroes decide to talk about Americanized anime from days past. Instead of formulating a decent outline for discussion, they instead begin drinking far too early. They veer off-topic (more than usual) and instead of talking about cartoons, talk about the terrible Poltergeist remake, Mad Max, 80's toys and OK soda. 

Interface issues still seem to plague these poor guys, but through slick post-production and a newly-installed Borat soundboard, they seem to do just fine. No matter how many technical problems they face every time they sit down behind the soundboard, they manage to focus on the important things, such as Aphrodite A's missile firing breasts.
This episode features Nate Dog and Teh Ben
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Jun 9, 2015

Episode 006: The Vegas Diaries- Puke Pinatas and Dirty Pokemon Cards

In this enlightening episode, the boys recant their love and repeated trips to The Greatest City On Earth. On top of giving extensive gambling advice to help you take the house to the cleaners, they also imbue life hacks that are required for visiting this wonderful disease-filled city.

You'll now know exactly what to do if:
You ever feel the need to redecorate your hotel room with vomit!
You ever have to deal with the terror that is the Las Vegas ER!
What to do with all those naughty lady cards they hand out on the street!
How to piece together your night after you wake up from being roofied, partially blind and surrounded by naked people!
This episode features Pat W. and Teh Ben
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Jun 1, 2015

Episode 005: A Small Recollection of Our Least-Worst Gigs

In this episode, Pat and Teh Ben sit back, sip strong coffee and wax nostalgic on gigs from Christmas Past. They get most of the details right, but they refuse to list them in chronological order whatsoever. Revel in the magic of the Secret T-Shirt Show, the terror of the Scooby-Doo World Tour, and the "I Go Pee-Pee in Your Cup" Riot. These two never give in, and will always be the band of jerks that fearlessly insulted all the bands that captured record deals during the Record-Companies-Will-Sign-Any-Band-In-Denver-Gold-Rush of 2005. They have remained unsigned by a major label, not because they have questionable musical talent, but because it is just too much fun to call the FloBots the "BlowBots" to their faces.

This episode features Pat W. and Teh Ben
The featured commercial is from Brown Horizons Home Un-Flippers