May 20, 2015

Episode 004: Dragging a Parrot Kicking and Screaming Down a Mine Shaft

In this all-too-informative episode, our brave heroes of Middle Age Middle School pass a milestone event for the podcast! In order to try to appeal to a broader audience and win the respect of an intern at iTunes, the boys attempt something new and unheard of. They try to make something....educational.

They manage to get a few facts close to the ballpark of accuracy, but in the process of this manage to screw up other facts about the Terminator franchise, I Love Lucy and Michael Jackson's purchasing habits. 
Bring your parrot, or risk death by asphyxiation!
This episode features Nate Dog and Teh Ben
The featured commercial is from Two Drunk Dudes Moving Company  

May 11, 2015

Episode 003: An Evening Of Vogon Poetry, Volume One

Moving, no matter if you are moving into a hovel or a mansion, will always totally suck. Sometimes, though, a few buried treasures can be gleaned from keeping a sharp eye out while you move a dusty box from one storage spot to the new dusty storage spot. We came across a ratty notebook full of Nate's old angry teenager poetry and decided to have a few drinks and share this national treasure with the rest of the world.

This episode features Nate Dog and Teh Ben
The featured commercial is from J.R. BurnerPhone

May 8, 2015

Episode 002: Origin Tales - How Capn’ Jager Met the Pinball Wizard

In the second installment of Middle Age Middle School, the touring musician half discuss events and poor decisions that would one day lead to intersecting crossroads where they would eventually meet. Through the barrage of issues brought on by the demons of poor management, drunken rampages and embezzling, it's a miracle that these two didn't give up entirely on the dream decades ago.

This episode features Teh Ben and Pat W.
The featured commercial is from Brown Farms Puppy Mill